Automatic fire suppression systems in the North West

Are you looking for automatic fire suppression systems? We at Phoenix Fire Protection in Preston offer state-of-the-art fire suppression systems, equipped with the latest technology and the most advanced mechanisms available.

At Phoenix Fire Protection, we offer training in:

  • Technology behind the fire suppression system
  •  How to use the suppression systems
  •  How to handle them in the event of occurrence of fire
  •  Ongoing fire safety training updates

How does it work?

Our fire suppression systems offer early detection of the fire and ensure to suppress it before the fire has a chance to spread.

Installers of Firetrace® Systems

The UK statistics show that electricity is still the main source of accidental fires in commercial buildings which can not only cause severe disruption to businesses, but can also be a threat to the buildings and their occupants.

The inability to operate your business after even a small electrical fire can be very costly and in some cases can lead to the loss of both short and long term contracts. This can be far more damaging and the consequential losses are not always fully recoverable from the insurers.

Firetrace® electrical fire suppression systems use the patented detection tubing which is installed throughout the enclosure and connected to the cylinder valve. The tubing is then charged with nitrogen and this pressure is utilised to hold back the extinguishant in the cylinder.

Should a high temperature or fire occur then the pressurised tubing will burst and the extinguishant will be deployed directly from the burst hole onto the fire.

This effectively means the fire has formed the discharge nozzle so it is always exactly in the right location.

A switch is also added to the system and is held closed by the pressure. Should the tubing burst or the pressure be lost for any reason then the switch will open and this signal can be used to isolate the power and raise an alarm.